Romantic Honeymoon Destination in Greece

greece honeymoon

For many brides, the only thing they look forward to more than the perfect dream wedding is the romantic honeymoon to follow. Traditional honeymoon destinations include tropical locales like Hawaii and the Caribbean, or rustic getaways to the countryside of France and Italy, but modern brides are increasingly searching for an alternative to these outdated honeymoon options.

If you have a classical sensibility, an eye for historical artefact and an appreciation for ancient culture, the isles of Greece present the perfect place to spend a romantic honeymoon.

With a unique combination of traditional cuisine, stunning natural beauty and an irreplaceable link to our civilization’s forbearers, Greece is a honeymoon destination defined both by the pull of present passions and paeans to the past.

Brides across Europe have long recognized Greece as a premiere honeymoon setting and now American newlyweds have a chance to explore the island’s classic blend of old and new world appeal.

Depending on your individual inclinations, you will find a city in Greece which is perfectly suited to your dream romantic honeymoon. If you are searching for an exotic seaside retreat on the shores of the Mediterranean, the resort city of Santorini boasts a picturesque, singularly exquisite Red Beach.

You can sun yourself while dozing on the city’s vibrantly crimson and black volcanic seashore before taking a leisurely swim in the warm sea waters. For adventurous, party minded newlyweds the city of Mykonos has earned its reputation as one of the hottest cosmopolitan centers in all of Greece.

Non-stop music and nightlife are ready to embrace daring honeymooners who visit Mykonos. Combining the best of both worlds, Greece’s largest island of Crete is another top honeymoon spot filled with charming coastal villas, antiquated Minoan ruins and pristine Mediterranean beaches.

The city of Paphos, located on the island of Cyprus, is unsurpassed for its affordable yet indulgent accommodations, as well as for its distinctive blend of contemporary design and classical Cypriot styling.

Paphos hotels are renowned as among the most luxurious in Greece and many specialize in catering to newlyweds enjoying a romantic honeymoon.

If you are an old soul yearning to explore the remnants of the great Greek civilizations of yore, cities like Athens, Olympia, Knossos and Delphi offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk through streets which were once home to Homer, Aristotle and Plato.

These ancient seats of civilization are home to some of the world’s most precious monuments and you can spend your honeymoon arm in arm with your new lifelong companion, trekking through preserved ruins, religious temples and famous battlegrounds. Athens is home to the rock of the Acropolis, on of humanity’s lasting architectural masterpieces and a tribute to the genius of ancient Greek culture.

The temple at Delphi has been a beacon for curious visitors from around the world and today honeymooners find themselves drawn to the mysterious and supposedly prophetic site. No matter what you are looking for in a romantic honeymoon, Greece has the perfect destination for you.

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