Wedding Reception Etiquette

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The wedding reception is one of the more enjoyable parts of a wedding, being one big party where everyone can let their hair down and enjoy themselves. Even though it is more casual than the ceremony there is still etiquette that should be followed when going to a wedding reception.

Since there are those who are wedding veterans, having been to more weddings than they can count, and there are some who are wedding inexperienced, here are a few tips on reception etiquette for everyone to follow:

Drinking – One thing that you should never do at a wedding reception is get so drunk to the point where the focus is on taking care of you and not letting the couple enjoy themselves. There is generally alcohol at a wedding reception but it should be taken in moderation and not be taken advantage of.

There is always one person who gets to drunk at a wedding and they end up regretting it later. A few cocktails are ok so don’t feel that you cannot enjoy yourself. Just remember that the focus should be on the happy couple not the drunk guest.

Toasts – At most weddings there are toasts that involved and they do not just have to be by the best man, the father of the bride, and the maid of honor. At any time during the ceremony it’s ok to life a glass and say a few words expressing the hopes and appreciation for the couple that was just wed.

When making a wedding toast it should always be in good taste. In terms of the toast the audience at the wedding needs to be considered. If there are children at the wedding a toast should be free of profanity and off color humor.

This is not to say that the toast can’t be funny or have some off color humor but remember it is to show appreciation and good luck to the happy couple.

Never ever bring up past girlfriends or boyfriends as that is a big no-no for a wedding toast. Also the timing has to be right, as you should pick a time to say the toast that is appropriate.

Attire – Wearing the right attire is also a must at a wedding. If it is a casual wedding then it is ok to wear casual clothes, but if it is a formal one you shouldn’t be wearing jeans and a polo shirt. Find out the attire for the wedding and then plan what you are going to wear accordingly.

For women a nice dress or outfit should be picked out to go with the attire for the entire wedding. Short mini skirts or clothing that is too tight is generally not acceptable. You don’t want to attract too much attention to your self.

A wedding reception is a time that everyone should enjoy themselves. There are still things that should be followed in making sure you still have reception etiquette.

Any behavior which calls unwanted attention to you and not on the recently married couple should shied away from. With that said have a glass of Champaign and enjoy yourself.

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